• Seeking to honor God in all activities, through service to others.
  • Endeavoring to serve the community by providing access for under-served youth to the arts
  • Promoting physical and academic discipline among youth
  • Motivating under-served youth to believe that they can become whatever they aspire to become

The Aspire Project will strive to provide a quality dance program for all students who are genuinely interested in the arts.

  • The Aspire Project SUN Program will bring the chance to dance to North Portland students through after-school SUN School partnerships.
  • The Aspire Project dance studio will provide the chance to dance for all students through our sliding scale tuition, based on a family's free/reduced lunch eligibility with the hope to close the gap of exclusion for financially disadvantaged families.
  • The Aspire Project will provide affordable summer camps opportunities in North Portland and other areas as it is determined feasible.

Our programs will assist to reduce obesity risk among low-income youth & increase developmental accomplishments, which in turn will create early positive experiences that benefit the entire family, not just the student.

We will regularly assess our programs' demographics in gender, ethnicity, age, and economic backgrounds, aiming to serve 75% of students on free/reduced lunch status.

The Aspire Project will maintain individual care of at-risk youth by ensuring two trained instructors in all classes.

The Aspire Project will partner with Pacific University's Psychology Department to evaluate our program's impact on students' physical health and social progression. These evaluations measure such qualities as the child's ability to reach age-appropriate developmental milestones and self-efficacy.

The Aspire Project will conduct regularly scheduled, family-oriented community events to encourage families to enjoy dance together.

The community will be invited to embrace each child’s potential, to acknowledge and celebrate the possibilities by enjoying performances and participating in volunteer, outreach opportunities and other programs and workshops.

The Aspire Project will provide additional services to our families and their students, including the establishment of a computer lab, tutoring services and homework assistance.